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Cockroach Protection by Odourless Gel

We offer the most advanced, effective and highly reliable odourless gel-based protection against cockroaches. PCMW's expert pest control team will apply the gel bait in pin-sized droplets near the common infestation sites of cockroaches, such as cabinets, wardrobes, drawers and sinks. The get bait attracts the cockroaches and kills them once they ingest it. 

The entire process is hassle-free as you don't have to leave your home during or after the treatment, and there is no need to empty the drawers or cabinets.

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Want to learn more about our cockroach infestation management techniques and procedure? Take a quick look at the following FAQs, and if your query is not there, please reach out to us.

How do the teams identify the cockroach infestation hotspots?

Cockroaches inhabit multiple spots and places, but they prefer dark and damp places, such as kitchen cabinets, under the sink and washbasins, crevices and cracks in walls, bathrooms, closets and bins.
The PCMW technicians and fumigation experts are trained to spot and identify the common and probable hideouts of all types of pests apart from cockroaches. The team arriving on the spot will do a thorough check of the entire site and then be the cockroach protection treatment.

How long does this odourless gel treatment stay effective against the cockroaches?

The treatment efficacy varies from site to site, and the duration varies from 3 months to 6 months to even more. The humid areas, such as coastal cities are naturally prone to cockroach infestations and might require an earlier treatment as compared to the hilly or cold areas.
However, the intensity of infestation diminishes with regular treatment and you can also schedule the fumigation sessions depending on the seasons for better management.

What makes the odourless gel better than the other common cockroach killers available in the market?

As the name suggests, the gel is developed especially for cockroaches and is free of odour, which is certainly a plus point. Next, the gel is highly potent and extremely effective against cockroaches, and even a small pin-sized droplet is enough to kill tens of cockroaches.
Finally, there is no chance of accidental ingestion of cockroach poison or your kids touching the same.

What are the charges for one cockroach management session?

The prices vary from site to site depending on the size and other factors. You can get the quote by submitting the required details online on the website, or by getting in touch with our customer care team.

How does the odourless gel kill cockroaches?

The odourless gel for cockroaches attracts the cockroaches and they ingest it. Once they eat the gel, they die while they are out of their hiding places.