About Us

Started in 1956, Pest Control M. Walshe (PCMW) is India's largest and oldest pest management and fumigation company with a strong presence across the entire nation.
PCMW also holds the record for being the first ISO 9001 certified Pest Control & Fumigation company.
With a "No Cure, No Pay" Policy as its core, PCMW works on different concerns - infestation identification, monitoring, sanitation, exclusion, extermination and audit or documentation.
We believe in evolving with our customers' wishes and the challenges, and our sanitation services are the epitome of this. Having a highly comprehensive service portfolio and a dedicated workforce, we, at PCMW cater to fumigation, sanitation and infestation management requirements for properties of all types and all scales COVID-19-specific .

Our Pest Control Services

Every infestation is different and requires a different resolution technique. Over the decades of our career, we have developed and mastered the best-in-class techniques and services for pest management, infestation monitoring and fumigation in different settings.

Hospitality, Storage, Rigs, Transport and Cargo Vessels, Empty Holds, Export and Import Containers, Warehouses, Factories & Manufacturing Units, Commercial & Residential Properties and Quarantine or Bio-Hazard spaces - we offer pest and infestation management and fumigation services for a wide spectrum of establishments.

Crawling Protec

Protection against Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Silver Fish etc.

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Rattus Protec

Management and control of Rodents/Rats and Mice infestation

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Flying Insects Protec

Tackles flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects

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Termi Protec

Treatment and management of all types of termites for wooden furnishings and pre-construction or under-construction buildings

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Bed Bug Protec

Bed bugs and bed insects management for commercial accommodation and treatment centres

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Fumi Protec

Fumigation services for Warehouses, Agri & Export Containers, and Cargo Hold-in Ships

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Our Clients

Pest Control M. Walshe is a reputed and established name in the pest control and fumigation industry and has worked with many notable names as our happy clients.

Our Testimonials

At Pest Control M. Walshe we have been helping people enjoy their lives "without getting bugged" and this is what they say about us.

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Head Office :  503, Embassy Centre, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021

Phone :  022-22850615, 22850616, 22850277, 40020615

Fax :  91-22-22040634

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