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Mosquito Control Treatment

When it comes to one infestation treatment that you have to get done every season, mosquito infestation is the answer! The notorious pests spread some of the fatal diseases and return every year to haunt us. They require continuous management and can come with more or less ferocity every year. Mosquitoes are some of the most common and deadly pests that can cause multiple diseases, such as Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, and also carry West Nile Virus. They are also responsible for various regional and seasonal diseases, and hence, require expert management. 

Cold Fogging (Misting) for Mosquitoes 

PCMW offers highly effective cold spray-based mosquito management techniques to control mosquito infestation in all types of open and closed properties. PCMW team comes with professional misting equipment and specific spray nozzles that can be mounted to a certain height for getting rid of ambient mosquitoes. All the spray nozzles are connected to the main tube that carries water-based insecticide for killing mosquitoes. As soon as the mosquitoes come in contact with the insecticide they die. The cold fogging or misting technique used by PCMW does not employ petrol or diesel and the insecticide is water-soluble. The insecticide spray is environment friendly and safer when compared to the traditional thermal fogging techniques and is more effective as well.

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Want to learn more about our cockroach infestation management techniques and procedure? Take a quick look at the following FAQs, and if your query is not there, please reach out to us.

How long does it take to get mosquito management done for a regular 3 BHK apartment?

The duration of infestation depends on the size and location of the property. If the apartment is located at a decent height in some high-rise society, then setting the equipment might take some time, otherwise, the entire process consumes only a few hours.

How many times do I have to get the procedure done for keeping the mosquito-borne diseases at bay?

As mosquitoes are seasonal pests and their severity and nature vary from one region to another, the infestation management routines vary from one place to another. Some areas, such as warehouses, storage, cargo areas and water-specific areas might require more than one session per year.

Is the cold fogging technique effective against all types of mosquitoes?

Yes, the technique kills all types of mosquitoes and makes your homes, offices, and all the other types of properties free of mosquito-borne diseases.

Do I have to stay away during the spraying sessions?

No, however, the PCMW team will help you take all the precautionary measures in relation to everything.

How can I schedule a cold fogging session?

You can get in touch with our customer care department and share your details to get a quote for the treatment session.