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Rodent Control Treatment

Rodents are property owners' worst nightmares, as you just cannot catch them and they tend to damage places and things of all types to such a great extent that they cannot be redeemed. Rodents or rats can damage vehicles, cables, electrical equipment, and food items. They also cause a number of diseases such as Salmonella, Plague, Tularemia and Rat Bite Fever etc. As they multiply very easily and can hide really well, it is hard to manage rodent infestation without any professional help.

Team PCMW helps you manage all types of rodents and all types of rodent infestations with its tried and proven techniques of rodent management. 

Rodent Infestation Management

The treatment begins with a thorough scanning and assessment of your property premises to understand the root cause of rodent infestation. The PCMW team uses a two-step process to control rodent infestation - Baiting and Trapping. 

In baiting, we use certain toxic rodenticides and mix them with specific food items that are generally consumed by the rodents. The bait is not immediately consumed by the rodents, but over the course of a few days. We also use different types of traps and glue boards to trap the rodents. While baiting is perfect for big and open spaces, trapping is perfect for indoor use and for limited infestation.

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Want to learn more about our cockroach infestation management techniques and procedure? Take a quick look at the following FAQs, and if your query is not there, please reach out to us.

Does the bait work even after many days?

The bait works for many days as the poison doesn't degrade that swiftly. Hence, if your place is heavily infested with a rat population of various ages, the bait will continue to prove lethal to them and will help you to curb the infestation over the next few days.

Do you use the bait indoors as well?

No, the bait-based rodent management is generally not done, as the mice might die in some inaccessible place and can send wafts of bad and filthy odour in all directions. They can also become a breeding ground for other pests and insects and can also lead to other diseases. Hence, the bait-based solutions are not used for indoor rodent management.

What types of traps are used for indoor rodent management?

We use many different types of traps for indoor rodent management, such as glue boards and traps with baits. While inspecting the property, we also consult you regarding the size and type of rodents you have seen around your property.

Depending on your description, we opt for specific types of rodent traps that will entrap them without letting them escape afterwards.

How often do I need the rodent infestation treatment?

Well, the frequency of treatment sessions depends on many factors, such as:

  • Degree of infestation
  • Type of rodents
  • Location of property
  • Climate and Type of property

Some places, such as storage yards, warehouses, and barns etc might require frequent treatment because of being more vulnerable to mice infestation.

How can I determine whether all the rodents are caught in the traps?

Every property and every infestation is different and you have to consult the team PCMW for more information. Once they are done inspecting the property, they can offer you a more precise answer to this and many other questions related to rodent infestation because of having more specific knowledge of your property.