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Termite or white ants are a nightmare for the home and property owners, especially for the ones having lots of furniture. They eat away at the wood and wood-like materials and leave unsightly dusty marks and deposits wherever they infest. Termite rises up from the ground and finds its way into the furniture as well as the walls, or corners without any wood to eat away at. It is one of the major concerns as it can never be fully cured. However, PCMW's proper professional treatment can offer you a termite-free period of around 6 or 7 years.

Termite - White Ant Spot Treatment Service

There are many types of termite treatments:


  • Pre-construction treatment


The PCMW experts will visit the site before the flooring is done, and inject appropriate doses of termiticide under the slab, on the top layer of the plinth. This is the best stage to get the termite protection done, as the tiles are not installed and the ground is easily accessible for termiticide dose. 

In the pre-construction phase, three stages are there:

  • Treatment of the top surface of the plinth under the slab
  • External perimeter treatment
  • Treatment of top plinth surface under the slab



  • Post-construction anti-termite treatment


The PCMW experts will drill the holes inside the ground in the entire home or property (inside and outside) and inject them with the termiticide. The holes are made at an angle of 45 degrees or more depending on the type of flooring. The treatment extent and duration lasts depending on the scale of infestation and the size of the property. 

Once the termiticide has penetrated the floor, the holes are then sealed with white cement or epoxy, depending on the type of flooring. 

Regular checkups and maintenance follow-ups are done to ensure that termite infestation doesn't occur or go unnoticed.


  • External Treatment


The termite treatment is also done on the exterior of the property by drilling holes on the exterior ground. The experts will create a chemical barrier between the property and the external space to prevent termite infestation.

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How do the teams identify the hidden or obscure termite infestation hotspots?

While the termite might not be visible directly, it might be there hiding behind the wall-fitted wardrobes and behind the fixed pieces of furniture. Hence, the team will work on all areas that might be a spot for termite infestation. The holes will be drilled (even in the fully constructed homes), filled with the termiticide and sealed later, to ensure that the termite is tackled properly in every possible place.

How long does the spot treatment stay effective against the termite?

The spot treatment stays effective for different durations of time, depending on the location factors, types of infestation and property types etc.

What are the charges for termite treatment in a commercial place or office?

The prices depend on the size of the building and the extent of the infestation. For getting the best idea, we recommend getting a quote or getting in touch with our customer care team.

How long does the building have to stay vacant after termite treatment?

One day is enough for treatment of the building and letting the odour of the termiticide subside.

Is it possible to get the fumigation done over the weekend and get started with the routine activities right from Monday?

Yes, the fumigation requires a few hours only, depending on the size of the establishment and the extent of the infestation. However, one day is enough to get the job done.