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Bed Bug infestation management is extremely challenging, primarily because of the nature of the pest. Bed bugs don't fly or jump, they don't infest only the beds as well, and they also adapt to your sleeping routines. So, they are not entirely nocturnal. They can infest the areas people congregate and have smart hiding senses to stay out of your sight for months or years.

Hence, when it comes to bed bug management, PCMW has an extremely smart and innovative infestation management solution that nips the bed bug problem right in its roots and delivers you a clean, bed bug-free home! 

Spray-based bed bug infestation management

The PCMW team thoroughly scans the site for bed bugs and their eggs, both of which are crushed and removed. Next, all the possible infestation nests or probable sites are treated with a highly potent spray.

The spray is infested on all the surrounding areas as well, such as floorboards, cabinets, wardrobes, wall junctions, cracks, electrical outlets and switches etc.

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How do the teams identify the bed bug infestation hotspots?

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to spot, tackle and remove for once and all. They inhabit many places other than the beds and beddings, such as cracks and crevices in the walls, switches, sockets and many odd places such as carpets, curtains, foot mats or doormats or even the rugs. They can reside inside the hidden corner of your furniture and furnishings and might stay out of your eyes for a long time all the while infecting your homes, bodies, and spreading into large colonies.

Hence, PCMW stresses on the proper education and training of the fumigation technicians and experts. They visit the site and do a thorough check of the property, furnishings and all the areas with cracks or hidden spaces for the bed bugs to reside.

Only after all the hideouts are inspected, the removal and spray-based management is done.

How long does this spray treatment stay effective against bed bugs?

Any site infested with bed bugs might require anywhere between 2-4 spray treatment sessions over a period of 2 to 4 weeks, for complete bug removal. The treatment lasts for a period of 60 days or more or less depending on the extent of an infestation and the size or type of property. The heavily infested properties might require repetitive sessions, and for such properties, we recommend the package that comes with three services per year.

What makes the spray treatment better than the other common bed bug killers available in the market?

There are a number of bed bug killers in the market that are available as "DIY or Do It Yourself" sprays or professional sprays. The professional sprays last longer and are more effective against the common sprays. Further, the PCMW teams will come with proper equipment and essentials to deal with the bed bugs to deal with the infestation.

The PCMW spray treatment comes with the promise of long term freedom from bed bugs and the experts scan the entire site with proper caution. Hence, the spray treatment is better than using the commonly available bed bug killers.

What are the charges for one session of spray treatment for bed bugs?

The prices vary from one site to another and depend on the size and type of property as well as the scale of bed bug infestation.

Do I need more than one service or repetitive fumigation for bed bug infestation?

The bed bugs might require more than one or even repetitive treatments for complete removal depending on the extent of the infestation.